Light in Dark Times

Let’s face it – the World is in a bit of a mess right now! Even before the pandemic, things needed attention. Things needed to change! We’ve been in the middle of a growing Metacrisis for a while now and it’s just getting worse. It’s an intertwining of ecological, socioeconomic, spiritual and mental health crises – the existential crisis of our time!  …then the Pandemic! 

Something needs to be done. So here at Three Rings we want to start trying to make a difference. Even just the smallest difference. Words can change the world, so we are starting with words!

Through original poetry and photography and links to cutting edge information and research in areas that matter most – Cognitive Science, Physics, Meditation from the perspectives of both Science and Spirituality and Environmental Science – I hope this can be your gateway to enlightenment that is so sorely needed in the world today…





Tomas Bjorkman:

“The most important thing that we could actually do to help this emergence of a new, more complex civilisation is to help a critical number of people to mature enough to be able to actively participate as co-creators, as enlightened, conscious co-creators of this new society.”