Trying to genuinely create positive change and inspire.

sharing enlightenment through words and pictures.

1 – The existence of nature.

2 – The nature of existence.

3 – Consciousness.

Three things in one. Three rings in one.

Since I discovered Russian Wedding rings nearly 20 years ago, I’ve worn one. Holding it in my hand at the time, its symbolism struck me immediately! It is three wholly independent rings, inextricably and beautifully linked. To me this perfectly represents my own philosophical appreciation of life and how and why we are all here. It is my own little icon, my own little totem.

My endeavour is to share knowledge of each thing, and the whole, through my poetry and photography and through information on and links to other pertinent sites.

The Existence of Nature is clear all around us, for all to see! The fact that we can see it, and live in it, place it first of the three as it is undeniable, irrefutable and unavoidable, but perhaps equally taken for granted! Consequently, it is worthy of refreshed reverence.

The Nature of Existence, or our appreciation of it, is something that changes over time as we develop and advance as a technological and scientific society. That’s the body half of the Mind-Body equation. It is within the mind that the true nature of existence can be experienced. This Mind-Body frontier is thee scientific frontier, bringing physics and philosophy together. Quantum physics brings a lot to bear on understanding the relationship, despite it being equally famous for being so difficult to understand!

Consciousness is foundational, lying right in the middle of the Mind-Body equation. It appreciably links the other two and arguably creates them. Consciousness is us and our gateway to awareness, self awareness and enlightenment.

The Absolute is the higher order state of being – transcendental, universal self-awareness encompassing all of the contents of each of it’s constituent three aspects. It is everything. It is all.

This website is where you can find more information on each of these and share as I try to delve into what enlightenment is, and The Absolute is through my poetry.

You can read my self titled poem Three Rings here.

You can listen to the Beta version of this poem on YouTube here.

You can get involved by reading one of the lines of this poem for the Alpha version I will release on YouTube soon by contacting me here. You can get more information on the project here (pending).











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