There is going to have to come a time when we
recognize ourselves for where we are in our
development as the species and globally rich
culture that we are. As an adolescent might
mature to the errors of their ways and grow up
suddenly, so must we, here, now!

History is watching, from very different futures!
Are we going to look back with regret at what we
did with our youth? Or are we going to look back
with admiration and respect for ourselves for
making well informed decisions in light of the
circumstances? Are we going to do the hard thing
now, for better futures? Or are we going to fail?

At this point it’s as stark and black and white as

We owe it to our futures to wise up and grow up!

I’m reposting this picture because, quite simply, it
is time.

So it was on my mind to write a blog explaining why I’m trying to launch my new Three Rings brand “3R”. I feel that this is import to try to help explain my mission and promote the brand itself and the reasons behind it. I still intend to do that, and this blog actually might go some way towards doing that anyway! But I want to take a step back!

I’ve just started reading a book called “Quantum Change” – the right book at the right time, and not for the first time in my life! You can check it out and buy it here in the UK, or here in the US. I’ve only finished chapter 1 (“Something Old, Something New”) of Part 1 (“THE CONTEXT”) and immediately identify with it. In fact my story could be one of the mentioned stories. My story is another of these stories.

I had one of these experiences – a Quantum Change – exquisitely described also by John Vervaeke about half way through episode 37 (Reverse Engineering Enlightenment: Part 2) of his “Awakening From The Meaning Crisis” series (watch here; read the transcript here). I had this experience – very deeply both profound and life changing – almost 20 years ago and have spent the time since investigating and researching what it was and what it meant! It is only in the last couple of years that I feel like I have been able to move forward constructively, and with confidence, with it! Hence “Three Rings” (more about the brand in the next blog).

Those early years after this experience were filled with feelings of isolation and confusion and attempts to run away from what I had experienced! But, as explained in the opening pages of this book, these experiences are enduring personal transformations. There was no going back! It’s very much a “what has been seen cannot be unseen” kind of situation!

So, even though I’ve only started it, I can highly recommend this book to you, as well as the Awakening From The Meaning Crisis series – the transcriptions are great (I did them from 1 through to 37), with lots of referenced books for you to check out.

Dive in and really start your journey to a more Enlightened future.

For yourself, and for us all!

Peace, Love and Happiness to you all. 🙏❤️☺️